Oprah Backs Madge

January 4th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Page Six reports that Oprah supports Madonna’s adoption of her new son David.

MADONNA gets nothing but praise from Oprah Winfrey for her controversial adoption of a Malawian baby. “I applaud Madonna,” the talk-show queen gushed to “BBC Newsnight” yesterday. “I think it is an amazing decision . . . Madonna and her husband and children had to make a decision that we are going to bring a child from a different culture, and not just a different culture from our family, he even looks different from our family. He’s not even the same color . . . It makes me sick that people criticize her, because there are millions of children in this world who will die because no one came to save them.”

Jesus, now I feel guilty. The boyfriend is going to be shocked when he meets our new Malawian baby.

By J. Harvey

  1. cindy

    i think the point is that this particular boy HAD A FATHER. there are millions of kids out there with no one. why did she have to pick him. and what about the millions of kids in our own country who have no one.

  2. mg

    His father didn’t want him, Cindy. Get your info together. His father had left him in an orphanage. Just because his natural father is alive doesn’t mean he was there for him. For all intents and purposes, the kid *was* alone.

  3. myra

    well from what i gathered, it’s not so much that his faher didn’t want him but it’s that his father couldn’t provide financially. i never judge anyone who’s willing to adopt from anywhere. kids all over the world need homes.

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