Oprah Annoyed With Inner-City American Youth

January 2nd, 2007 // 9 Comments

Oprah recently opened a $40 million dollar school in South Africa and explained to Newsweek how she had become frustrated with trying to help American kids. From TMZ:

“I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools [in the U.S.],” she tells Newsweek. “If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don’t ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school.”

I guess our kids can always go on “Flavor of Love,” if they’re really hard up.

Oprah Disses Inner-City Kids [TMZ]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Maybe she should have offered the $20,000 Hermes bags and designer clothing that she preferes instead of sneakers and ipods. What does she think teenagers want? They all want the same things be they from the inner city or upper middle class – black or white.

  2. vdantev

    What far more eloquent proof do we need to show that the rich elitist section of this country couldn’t give a rat’s ass less about its poor ? If this witch could build an entire school in some African desert rat’s nest, why not here?

  3. anon

    As much as she drives me crazy, I agree with her. I’m really tired of people being angry that they don’t have luxury items. The whole celebrity fascination and need to have money to buy things has gotten completely out of control. Most people I know worked hard, paid off school loans and made something of themselves….and yet these kids aren’t asking for a future, they just feel entitled to ipods.

  4. marnie

    When thinking of Oprah the word CHEAP comes to mind.

  5. Enonymous

    She’s annoyed at kids wanting to have what she promotes on her show?
    What a pompous ass.

  6. jltyler

    Oprah helps and donates so much money and time for you people to sit here behind the internet and bash her is disgusting. Oprah donates to numerous HBCU’s, historic black colleges for those that dont know. Oprah offered a black college that was in bankruptcy money to get them out of the hole and to fix up an abandon 10 floor residencial tower which would have costed over 2 million to renovate throughly, along with renovations to the other 10+ buildings on that campus. When reading her statement the only thing that I can see is she is saying she will only help people that want to be helped. You cant put books in the hands of children that dont want to learn. In Detroit Oprah is helping renovate a 1/2 mile section of land for development with a church and housing the end result will cause more developers to invest in that area, which was not the best, and build affordable housing for low income inner-city families.

    I am by no way an Oprah enthusiest I have many issue with Oprah with how she helps the stereotyping and perception of my generation(hip-hop), but we all need to give credit when it is due.


  7. shane

    I agree with her wholeheartedly. Her and Bill Cosby. She spends millions upon millions of dollars and she helps many people and I can easily see how she has become frustrated. Inner city kids who are too damned dumb to read and write do not need sneakers or I-Pods they need education. And they needs their butts kicked into staying in school and making it in life. Instead they have lazy POS parents who dont care about them or their lives. They only time they care is if their kid has a chance at a pro career then the parents are all involved. But it is only about money and possessions.

    I applaud Oprah and Cosby both for standing up and putting something behind their monetary gifts. They both came from nothing and build themselves to millionaires. So they know what is needed to make it

  8. Ms. Dee

    By the look of some of these people whom have posted on here. You are simply proving her point. America is dysfunctional when it comes to priorities. For the record, its HER MONEY! Second, she has donated plenty to the black inner city. But here lies the problem with giving. Most people on average do not give money to people they see on the street. And why not? Because the first thing that comes to mind is what will they do with my hard earned money? Typical response booze or drugs. So in return we ignore them and move on with our everyday lives.

    So in her defense, why invest money in a place where there will be no benefit. A brand spanking new school is not going to help where education is not a priority. From being someone who lived in Detroit herself. I went to school with some ignorant kids. They mocked the ones who payed attention and recieved good grades. And most of them only cared about clothes and gym shoes. And 60% of the ones I use to go to school with either got killed, went to jail, or are slinging in the streets. Pretty productive huh?

    Oprah wanted her money to actually benefit those who recieved it. Kids whose primary concern are the latest Jordans or gadgets could care less about an education. And as a black woman, I am becoming so disgusted with how the black community is on a downward spiral. there was a time when we were beaten or even killed to pick up a book, or to try and gather knowledge. But here it is 2008, and you have so many of us dropping out at 14. 14? What could you possibly have learned at this age.

    And the way politics are in America. There is so much corruption, that who knows whos pockets the money would have gone into before its true cause. So all of you people who are bashing her out of sheer stupidity, for her generosity. I pity you. And as for the money she spends on herself. Who cares. She earned it. She also had a troublesome childhood. Being raped at a young age, and pregnacy as a result. But she still managed to keep on trucking, and all she is doing is reaping what she has shown. She is just trying to help the unfortunate. You know what, how would you like it if some stranger just took it upon themselves to tell you what to do with your money….. Exactly.

  9. Anthony Jordan

    I think all of you people do not look at the bigger picture. Its Her money and she can do with it what she wants.
    The problem with the youth in America is with their parents and role models and what is taught in the schools. We need as a nation to get back to basics. THIS NATION NEEDS TO GET BACK TO CHRIST! Yes, we need God in our lives. In goverment, school and in the family. In the 50′s we worried about kids chewing gum and now we worry about them bringing guns to school, teenagers becomming mothers, drugs and the list goes on and on. If the schools would hand out Bibles instead on condums we might get something done. You may not agree with me and thats ok. Everybody isn’t going to heaven and I quess I want see you there. However, I have inclosed my email address so any one can contact me. I will be glad to pray for you. email mtncoach@aol.com
    Also, I am trying to form a school called American Christian Academy that will be a boarding school that will offer a free education to innerscity and children that live below the poverty level. There will be no issues of clothes etc… The education these children will recieve will be far superior to even most private schools. The school needs all kind of sponsorships so if you may know of someone that might be interested in this let me know.
    In His Hands
    Anthony Jordan

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