Oprah Takes Covert Visit to Africa, Faces Tell-All Book

November 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but Oprah took a secret trip to Africa. And here we are, blowing her cover. Oopsie. Over the weekend, the talk show host visited the Leadership Academy Girls School in Africa, which has been the subject of allegations of abuse and mistreatment of the girls there. The father of the girl who claims she was abused, revealed that Oprah visited his family to speak with them personally. “I think they are planning new rules and staff for the school,” he told People magazine. “I am happy because at last we had a chance to speak. Oprah resolved everything.” Sounds like Oprah’s laying the smack down. Go O! But her public troubles don’t stop there, she’s also dealing with an alleged extortionist, who is planning on publishing an expose on her, named “Ruthless.” Keifer Bonvillain was charged last year with extortion when he attempted to sell audiotapes of a high-level employee at Harpo talking trash about Oprah. Hmm, somehow I doubt his tome is going to make her book club…unless she has a special weapon she uses called her “book club” that she uses specifically to injure those threatening to write tell-all books.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Oprah=too much plastic surgery

  2. Perez Hilton like Paris only like Pez

    those crazy Africans

    if it happened in America ….all der bros be
    cryin’ raceIsm…guess they be shut up now

  3. peachpie

    the book’ll never be published. all harpo employees sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from discussing, writing, filming, taping, illustrating or otherwise communicating information regarding the management style and behind the scenes management style and ethic at harpo. i have a friend who tried to go down that road with a book she wrote post-harpo-employment. a stupid friend. i’m pretty sure she may never work again. anywhere. currently, she is living under a rock somewhere in the mojave.

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