Oprah Winfrey Says Goodbye Today

Harold Camping was a few days off when he insisted that the end was nigh.  The world ends today, or at least ours does.  Oprah Winfrey’s final episode has arrived, and our hearts break as we think of afternoons without (*deep voice*) “Oooooooprah WiiiiiiiiiinFREYYYYYYYY!”

Today’s show will feaure the one and only.  No cars, no special guests.  Just Oprah and her audience.  The Huffington Post reports that this last hurrah is a “love letter” from the legendary talk show host to her fans. “This last hour is about me saying thank you. It is my love letter to you,” Winfrey said.  “Twenty-five years and I’m still saying ‘Thank you America.  Thank you so much. There are no words to match this moment.”

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Winfrey told the audience that sometimes she taught lessons, but it was her viewers that taught her more.  Today, according to Winfrey, is her “last class.”  She told devoted followers near and far to “be the safe harbor for somebody else, to do for them what you have said the show has done for you.”

We’re going to need a moment…