Oprah Winfrey Is Living Large In Maui! Check Out Her Hawaiian Farm!

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Of course this is what Oprah Winfrey’s farm in Maui looks like. Of. Course.

The queen of television has quite the gorgeous mansion in Hawaii that is filled to the brim with vegetables. You guys can just call her Old McOprah. Fun fact, Oprah is actually giving folks a chance to win a trip to her farm where they will hike with her AND eat a meal prepared by her chef from her farm. Umm, can I have that please?

You can enter for that amazingness here, but before you do that, want to take a look at what kind of place you’ll be visiting? 

Of course you do! So check it all out in the gallery. Does anyone else love the fact that Oprah farms? She’s literally the richest woman in the world and her idea of a good time is farming in Hawaii? These are just some of the reasons I love Oprah.

Check out all the photos in the gallery and tell us if you’d like to party with Oprah on her farm! I know I would.