1. marie

    Let’s clarify this…Volkswagen gave away the cars NOT Oprah. Companies and celebs understand the lucrative marketing value of having your product or service mentioned on her final season. To Volkswagen this better than paying for a commercial with the benefit of a feel good factor. In this last season she has become more and more one big infomercial and in the process contradicting her so called spiritual beliefs and gurus she opines about. Everytime I tune in she is talking about the virtues of living your life to want and have more, even the small bit I saw today she agreed with sister Maria about not finding fulfillment in things and yet…she has two consumerism rich shows and then in SAME show faciliates the give away and marketing of cars by a large automaker. Seriously, am I only one who sees the obvious hyprocisy??

    • Oh, she definitely talks out of both sides of her mouth. But I guess when you are as rich and powerful as Oprah, you probably feel the need to be ‘humble’ about life virtues. Over the years she’s gone from working hard to working smart and has become what her hype made her out to be. You’re so on point.

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