Oprah Gives $250,000 Gift To Cancer Patient Kristian Anderson

December 15th, 2010 // 7 Comments

In a kind and thoughtful gesture, Oprah gifted $250,000 to Kristian Anderson, a family man suffering from liver and bowel cancer.

Kristian came to Oprah’s attention when he created a lovely video for his wife, which featured Hugh Jackman. The couple, pictured on Oprah’s Australian Outback Adventure show yesterday, have been struggling with Kristian’s diagnosis for the past year. Rachel, Kristian’s wife had to return to a job as a high school teacher in order to support her husband and children.

Commenting on Rachel’s situation, Oprah said, “She is the main supporter of this family right now, we want them to spent every ounce of energy being together and focussed on getting well.”

Watch the touching video from Kristian to his wife after the jump.

By Cynthia Adarkwa

  1. Dee Cee

    Well that puts him over the limit of wealth.. and Obama’s commies will swoop down and tax the life outta that money gift..

    • courtney

      What a great way to start the conversation! Moron!
      How about try something positive that this family is so lucky to receive a wonderful gift from Oprah so he can continue his fight to survive from such a horrible disease.
      Negativity will get you nowhere. Instead of complaining on a blog, write or call your representatives.

    • Beth

      Well Said Courtney.
      I know this is a huge blessing to a family going through a really hard time.
      It’s wonderful to see Oprah using her influence to help people who really need it.

    • George

      Wow Obama can tax people in Australia? The mind boggles.

    • Dakon

      nasty person

  2. Oprah Winfrey Red Dress Australia Set Kristian Anderson
    april colstock
    Commented on this photo:

    im really touched by this, im happy that the family is doin ok and is relieved from some of the problems such as bills,i really am goin to check out the video i know i will enjoy it,i saw a part of it on Oprah and it was touchin so im goin to finish watching it, i wish the Anderson family all the best for the new year and richest blessing,bye!!

  3. Oprah Winfrey Red Dress Australia Set Kristian Anderson
    Michelle Hosking
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    You are an inspiration

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