An Open Letter To Prince Harry: Thanks For Being The Coolest Royal Around

Prince Harry Naked
Prince Harry sans clothing in Las Vegas.
Dear Prince Harry,

I thought that I loved you and your awesome ways and abilities before, but now I’ve gotta say I love you even more. Did you think that was possible, because I certainly did not.

You may or may not have checked out the Daily Mail today, but since you’re royalty and have better things to do with your day like open up hospitals for those in need, I’m gonna go with a no. So let me just give you a quick run down of why you’re the coolest royal around. 

A story was published in there today from one Lance Corporal James Wharton, who tells a story about how in 2008 you stopped a group of six soldiers from beating him up because he was gay. In fact, when James, your tank gunner at the time, came up to you, I believe your exact words were, “Right I’m going to sort this shit out once and for all.” And Harry, thank you for doing it.

It’s not often when someone with your position in life is willing to stand up for the little guy, but you did and you definitely saved James’ life in the process. I just wonder why it took this story so long to be revealed. Did you not want us to know? Were you afraid we’d love you too much? I’ll try and hold back on the lovin’.

So Prince Harry, thank you again for being awesome. The world appreciates it.

Love Always,


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