Oops! Which Actress Peed On Herself Before Making It To The Bathroom? [Blind Items]

An actress who can hold it in, an actress with no luck on screen but lucking with the teens, an R&B singer looking for thruways and an actress who’s bitter about her “forced” abortion are today’s blind items.

Which C-list actress was flying so high while on location at a small-town bar that she wet herself before making it to the bathroom? It was the talk of the sticks when the actress posed for pictures with fans during her shoot the following day. [Page Six]

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This actress is probably a B-. You would all know her, but whenever she gets a lead in something it always fails. In supporting roles though it seems like she is in every movie and television show. She is everywhere. She is also getting a little bit older. That does not mean she is not still gorgeous, because she is. Apparently though, she loves her teens though because the guy she was spotted making out with and grabbing his ass, just turned 18. Hey, it’s legal and it is not like a guy would not do the same thing. [CDAN]

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Which R&B crooner asked a waitress and another blonde babe for a threesome during a recent trip to Atlantic City — an offer they declined? [Page Six]

We have a new source and they’re claiming they are thick as thieves with this certain wild, young group of new Hollywood. This barely-legal actress that parties with this crowd has just started to break out into the movie business but her name is pretty well known, especially in the Indy crowd. She apparently claims she was impregnated by her B+/B List costar when the two worked together on a film and was heavily persuaded by both the costar and members of his camp to abort the pregnancy immediately, to which she did. She is apparently quite bitter but using the story as leverage to get more parts with which this actor has some sway. [BuzzFoto]

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