Oops, Olivia Wilde Didn’t Want To Be Sexy In ‘Tron’

Olivia Wilde may have totally botched her role in Tron in her opinion…she wasn’t trying to be sexy at all! The former model and House actress actually meant the character to come off as a kind of androgynous Joan of Arc. Um…ooooookay.

“It would have been easier to just let her be the temptress of the Tron world and slink around like a cat,” Wilde said. “I thought it’d be much more interesting if she was sexy despite herself. She’s a warrior, so she’s very athletic, but she has no desire to seduce.”
OK first fail. Pretty sure every Fan Boy feel even more turned on by that description. These pictures she shot for InStyle? Also not helping.

“Very early on I called [director Joseph Kosinski] and said, ‘I know who Quorra is. She’s Joan of Arc.’ We agreed that she was Joan of Arc because she was this unlikely warrior, this child who led an army, who had this very rare combination of strength and innocence. After I discovered the Joan of Arc connection,” the brunette bombshell continued, “I asked if she could be kind of androgynous. I kept saying, ‘The Sirens are so sexy! You don’t need any more really sexy girls! So…maybe she could just look like a boy!'”

Right. So. Hmm. I’m pretty sure Joan of Arc didn’t wear smoky eye makeup…