Oooo, Queen! I am the Brains of this Outfit!

While I have only been subject to one or two bitchy queens fighting over control, it was fabulous and better than Thursday night “must see tv.”

Narciso Rodriguez and his production partner, Aeffe are having a tiff. In trying to keep it a hushed catfight the two had remained neutral and quiet on the subject. That is until the chairman, Massimo Ferretti, admitted Tuesday at the Alberta Ferretti show that things aren’t as happy and kosher as portrayed. A boundary of differences has presented itself but they are working on a mutual resolve.

“We are talking and trying to find a solution. The best way to resolve strategic differences is by talking things through.”

It is also well known that Aeffe is trying to work a deal with Marithe & François Girbaud. The company has been hunting for new labels to add to its portfolio.

Ooo, you know it’s all like… “You bitches know I am your heart and soul; I am taking you from mama’s Maybelline to fashion week VIP.” To which the people at Aeffe reply, “Sweetie, you will be mocked like a drag queen at a tractor pull without us to get your back.” My money is on Narciso.

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