Out With The Old, In With The New

The tides of change are affecting the structure of Dior. Designer and style connoisseur, Kris Van Assche, is dethroning Hedi Slimane as the creative director for the label. Word has it that Slimane was trying to have his cake and it eat it too. Contract negotiations went sour after it became apparent that he was “keen to start his own label, but reluctant to give up complete control of his trademark.”

Fed up with his demands, Dior “cut all ties” with Slimane and decided to employ the talents of Kris Van Assche to give Dior a much-needed makeover in the men’s department. You might remember Assche from “Details” Men’s 10 Style Commandments , or took note of his apparent love of Zack Morris high-top gym shoes. The two men worked together for about seven years through various outlets in Dior and Yves Saint Laurent and I imagine future run-in’s will be lots of fun for all parties involved.

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