One Trashy Show

The trash talkin’ MTV series “Yo Mamma” is back for another season with your host Fez – I mean Wilmer. This show is a joke, but then again I don’t expect too much of anything from the “Music Television Station” anymore. I guess if you care about this stupid show you might be interested to know that it premiered last night at 6:00 ET and will air daily, Monday through Friday. Celebrity guests such as Fat Joe, Chamillionaire, Jadakiss, and E40 will lend their expertise to select episodes and help crown the victor.

Season Two will showcase talent from the wonderful city that never sleeps- NYC baby! Exploring every borough, neighborhood, and street corner, Wilmer and his sidekicks will scour the Big Apple for the funniest amateur trash talker in New York. I think we are being punked here! Who cares about trash talking? I surely don’t! Seriously if you want to hear trash talking go to the local watering hole on any night of the week and sit at the bar and listen to some of the people around you talk. They will talk smack about anything from family and friends to celebrities – it’s all hate. The world is full of haters you don’t need Wilmer “I used to bang Lindsay Lohan” Valderrama to enjoy that.

More photos of Wilmer Valderrama on TRL after the jump.

Season 2 of Wilmer Valderrama’s ‘Yo Momma’ Debuts Oct. 23 [Starpulse]

Written by Christy Pastore

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