One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

August 29th, 2005 // 29 Comments

Take your pick.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. erin

    hohan is the only one that isn’t a ocsar winner.

  2. j

    Two are talented and have meaningful careers?

  3. Antigone

    2 Oscars and a Protein Stain

  4. one hasn’t fucked wilmer valderama? (meryl, you whore)

  5. paris hilton

    lindsay, lindsay, lindsay…this isn’t like the time that you hung out with nicole richie and suddenly turned in to a sack of bones. hanging out with oscar winners won’t bring you an oscar, or talent for that matter. give it up. shhhhhh. it’s ok. it’s ok.

  6. Um… actress, actress, coke whore?

  7. Tracy


  8. Kat

    Meryl Streep is the only one who isn’t about to vomit? Lohan is typically about to vomit, and Angelina Jolie can’t be happy to have been caught both with Lohan and in a group of people wearing the drapes.

  9. fallgirl29

    sweet jesus. look at that claw..angie has the longest, scariest claw like hands i’ve ever seen..whats up with that.. face looks good though..

  10. Shuuuuut up

    Either Angelina is wearing her watch on her elbow or that is the longest hand I have ever seen!

  11. Shannon

    Angelina – Sweet Jebus! Her hand looks like Gollum’s!

  12. DJ

    Like you all havent known angie has a eating disorder too! Meryl is the only one in the picture without a bony figure!

  13. kelly

    I got it!!!

    Angelina and Lindsy are both wax figures and Meryl is the only real one.

  14. Chinnefer Aniston

    Nice wax work…..they look really real.

  15. ilostmyshoe

    Hmm..tough one.

    Let me see…

    One eats regularly and forgot more about acting than the other two know.

  16. ERIN

    I actually thought those were wax figures but there are other pics on other sites those aren’t wax figures, who would make a wax figure of hohan and why?

  17. Mariana

    Uh, Meryl’s wearing a print and the others are in solids?

    Oh wait, no! One’s a painfully untalented publicity-chasing crack whore sack ‘o bones!!!


    2 are looking at where they are suppose to go next…1 is looking where her crack dealer is going?

    no no wait 2 are young whores and 1 is an old whore?

    no no thats not it OH WAIT I GOT IT…
    2 are or were publicity whores and one is just very talented and made it all the way with just above average looks (but now a little old but well respected)

  19. gia

    i love angelina, but her acting is overrated. she is okay, but not a real quality actress like meryl streep. having an oscar doesnt necessarily mean that overall you can act. halle berry comes to mind. lohan is fluff.

  20. Sith Lord

    Hate to say this but Meryl is the only one that looks like a real, healthy woman. Angelina looks like Brad isn’t letting her eat and making her do to many exercises. What’s with the hands? Any ladies out there have a clue? It’s kind of scary and/or creepy. Lindsay looks like she needs a hit.

  21. mary

    The fact that Lindsay is posing with the other two is just DISTURBING.

    I hate how she pretends to know everyone in Hollywood. Lindsay, you belong in the no other Hilton/Ritchie/Reid clan, dont even try to start hanging out with real adults.

    p.s. Angie is long and skinny, but it’s just the angle of the pic that made her hand looks so scary.

  22. Helen Hunt

    One is a whore and a man stealer. One went to an insane asylum, screws her brother, hired a hitman to kill her then changed her mind, broke up America’s Sweethearts, took and probably still takes, heroin, buys kids from third world countries because she doesn’t want to ruin her figure, cuts herself, shoves her third world adopted kids in front of the cameras and tips off the press before she goes on her “shopping trips”. Hmmmm. Angelina’s weird and compared to her, the other two look positively normal

  23. hmm

    a little bitter, aren’t we…

  24. Jean Jeannie


  25. g

    Meryl…always and forever. And Jeanie–Is you a ho?

  26. TasAnnie

    I don’t like any of them. Sorry, but I think Meryl is over-rated and relies too much on tics and quirks in her portrayals. The only thing I’ve seen Angelina in is Mr & Mrs Smith – I thought she was ok, but rather flat. And the only thing I’ve seen Linday in is…umm…magazines and blogs like this. They just look like different stages of Hollywood to me. But if I were to pick the odd one out, it would be Meryl – at least she has a body of work that speaks for itself. Instead of column inches like the others.

  27. Trisha

    What the hell does Lindsay have on anyway? TOGA, TOGA,TOGA…

  28. Jennifer

    It’s not Angelina, but Mangelina. Those are man hands!

  29. ANGEL



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