One of the America Idol Finalists Likes to Get Her Picture Taken

February 26th, 2007 // 10 Comments

So this American Idol chick Antonella Barba likes to get photographed semi-nude. On a toilet. And giving head. She’s very free. And classy.

Racy pictures allegedly depicting top-20 finalist Antonella Barba engaged in a variety of risqué acts, some more risqué than others, surfaced on several Websites late last week, prompting speculation as to whether the producers of the most-watched TV show in America will be putting an abrupt end to Barba’s Idol journey.

Neither Barba nor her family, who live in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, have commented yet on the photos, one of which features four females posing topless at the beach, hands over their breasts; another shows a young woman–whoever posted the pics says it’s Barba–performing oral sex on a man.

I don’t see anything wrong with it. I just want to know why there was no pics of Sunshine Head in these situations. How come it’s always chicks? Sexism.

By J. Harvey

  1. Kourtni

    Sunshine… *shudders*… ’nuff said.

  2. Calm down boys

    ===I don’t know what all the commotion’s about, regarding this Jersey chick’s looks. She is not cute at all. She looks like Hilary Swank. HELLO!
    So she’s skinny, a slut, and she has fake boobs that she got as a present from her parents. Who cares.==== She can do a “BOys don’t Cry 2.”

  3. Jealous much, “Calm down boys” ???


  4. Kelly

    Who cares? She ain’t doing anything we all haven’t done. Her pics just happened to be flashed all over the internet by some low life “friend”. But she should be kicked off American Idol, she’s horrible.

  5. Shan

    Isn’t doing anything WE ALL haven’t done? Excuse me we’re not all immoral soulless whores out here. Speak for yourself you idiot.

  6. Jen

    His name is Sundance, not sunshine, yeah, cause being called sunshine would be dumb!!!

  7. Ani

    What we ALL do? So you normally take half naked pictures of yourself at national war memorials? You have pictures of yourself with some exceptionally small penis in your mouth online?

    Silly me for having some class. Thanks for showing me how wrong I’ve been all of these years.

    Oh Antonella, why you so classy?

  8. Kelly

    Look, all I’m saying is she gave someone a blowjob and he took pictures. Big Fucking Deal! Just go ahead and lump her in with Pee Wee Herman and Bill Clinton. Get over it!

  9. Ani

    Sure. When PeeWee Herman tries to get on a reality show where the grand prize is being a role model to people, I’ll be more than happy to do so. Or, when Antonella decides to go to a porn theater and rub one out, I’ll be more than happy to shut up.

    However, when a skanktastic Jersey shore slutbag decides to take pictures of herself practically dry humping a national war memorial, I feel free airing my opinion on her sleaziness.

    Apparently our definitions of what is and is not classy differ.

  10. Kelly

    Again, I was only talking about the BJ pics. I didn’t see any pictures of her humping a memorial. Get a grip. I’m done.

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