One of the America Idol Finalists Likes to Get Her Picture Taken

So this American Idol chick Antonella Barba likes to get photographed semi-nude. On a toilet. And giving head. She’s very free. And classy.

Racy pictures allegedly depicting top-20 finalist Antonella Barba engaged in a variety of risqué acts, some more risqué than others, surfaced on several Websites late last week, prompting speculation as to whether the producers of the most-watched TV show in America will be putting an abrupt end to Barba’s Idol journey.

Neither Barba nor her family, who live in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, have commented yet on the photos, one of which features four females posing topless at the beach, hands over their breasts; another shows a young woman–whoever posted the pics says it’s Barba–performing oral sex on a man.

I don’t see anything wrong with it. I just want to know why there was no pics of Sunshine Head in these situations. How come it’s always chicks? Sexism.