One Fashionista’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Yes, the Oscar fashion coverage is coming. But to give a you a break from the materialistic view of who wore what, lets stroll down “Do-Gooder’s Lane.” Then, we can get to the snarky goodness of trashy style taste.

London Fashion week brought us the crazy creations that rear their ugly heads on the runway, but also had an underlying message. Eco-friendly couture was a highlight at some of the shows, which included tops, dresses, coats, as well as various other items made of recycled fabrics and organic cottons. Noir’s line was heavy in luxe cottons that were treated to feel like silk. A coat made of the organic fabric was coated to give it a leatherette feel. UK’s Ciel offers the much-used chiffon, silk, and fleece is a partner with “Save the Amazon Rainforest” to counterbalance the label’s carbon footprint. The above set is the much loved cotton that was organically grown in Peru.

Even the Italians have their eco-friendly luxe labels. “From Somewhere” will be opening in London, boasting clothes made from unused cashmere, tweed, and jersey. The scraps come from luxury textile manufacturers like Lanificia di Pray and Tessitura Monti. More familiar names like Armani, who brings the world hemp jeans suitable for the VIP area of a Dave Matthews concert, and Stella McCartney have a heart for green.