One Classy Bitch

Rachel Bilson is a combination of a playful girl in a woman’s body. Her career branches from “The OC’s” loveable ditz to portraying a real thinking human being in a new flick co-staring Zach Braff. It is beyond time to leave the Stereotypical bubbly beauty and in her new film “The Last Kiss” she takes on the nudity aspect of being an actor.

“Nudity’s always a consideration when you’re reading a script, and when I got to the bit where it said, ‘He takes down her panties,’ I kind of blushed. But it’s all beautifully done. It’s not like I’m flashing my privates all over the place. Men’s magazines are always wanting you to pose in really skimpy stuff.” Rachel explained.

While she isn’t whipping her noonie out for every Tom, Dick, and Harry she believes that only her main squeeze, Adam Brody, gets to see her nude. While the intimate scene in “The Last Kiss” is tastefully done, she feels her body is like a temple and only there to share with someone she loves.

Rachel Bilson Believes Her Body Is Sacred & Only for Boyfriend To See [Starpulse]

Written by Cara Harrington

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