One To Watch: Elle Fanning

December 8th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Elle Fanning is having a moment: the 12-year-old little sister of Dakota Fanning will star in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere,the big-budget The Nutcracker 3D, and even got a gorgeous photo in this month’s Vanity Fair. Sibling rivalry anyone?

With her doll-like looks and acting that already getting raves, there’s no doubt Elle’s star will soon match her sister’s. But the two Fanning girls, gotta love ‘em, don’t get competitive and keep things sisterly.

“It’s separate. We talk all the time about more normal sister stuff, like: can I borrow this shirt?” Elle said in VF, pictured at the Somewhere premiere yesterday. “But she will come out and visit me on location, and I do the same for her. So it’s just a part of our lives.”

Aw. Now isn’t that just precious. These kids are so down-to-earth it kind of weirds me out sometimes.

By Lola Robertson

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