‘One Direction’s’ Harry Styles Shirtless & In His Underwear [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Harry Styles has said many times that he loves running around naked. While we don’t get that, we do get to enjoy these photos of Harry in his underwear on for One Direction’s Up All Night DVD.

Niall Horan tweeted a clip from the concert DVD, and to the delight of Directioners everywhere, as it contains video of Harry in his undies.

In it Harry can be seen holding an electric razor in Liam Payne’s face, but luckily he doesn’t shave off a chunk out of his band mate’s hair—instead he appears to shave off some of the hair on his own leg while standing around in his Tommy Hilfiger briefs.

While Harry Styles is giving his leg a less-hairy style, Liam asks the camera, “No one wants to see that—do you?” I’m guessing One Direction fans will beg to differ.

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