One Direction Singer Louis Tomlinson Adds A Tattoo To His Collection, Mocks The Intrusive Paparazzi Perfectly

Remember the days when Louis Tomlinson loathed tattoos? He slowly progressed to say he liked them on other people, but not himself. Now I would say he’s definitely embracing the canvas that is his body.

If you counted up every single, teeny tiny tattoo, I wonder how many he would have total.

While in Los Angeles, the One Direction singer stopped to add to his body mural. There are two questions left to answer: what did he get, and where did he get it?

According to EntertainmentWise, the hottie got himself an arrow pointing upwards in the direction of his wrist. Due to the smile on his face after leaving the tattoo parlor, I would say he’s incredibly pleased with his addition.

His bandmate Harry Styles added a heart (as in one in the shape of a human heart) onto his arm not too long ago. Could the heart and arrow be symbolic in any way? Hmm.

Right after arriving to Los Angeles, he had a minor run-in with the paparazzi at LAX. It’s common knowledge that they can be rather intrusive. Recent events only reaffirmed my belief that they cross every boundary laid out.

While making their way to their car, Liam Payne and Tomlinson were asked if Payne made the most out of the five band members. Even if he does, it’s none of our business. Tommo, whom I’ll adore forever, responded perfectly. It may not have been the most mature, but clearly maturity when out the window when the male pap decided to ask an unnecessary question.

In a patronizing American accent, Louis mimicked, “Liam gets paid more than anyone! Is that true guys?!”

After the talented singers departed, one man referred to the 22-year-old as a “total d-bag.” Classy. Where is Kristen Bell when you need her to speak out against their heinous behavior again?

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