One Direction Shows Off Their Snazzy Dance Moves & More Silliness On ‘El Hormiguero’ [PHOTOS]

One Direction Dolls!
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What’s more fun than getting the world’s hottest boy band to do crazy things? Nothing!

That’s clearly what the folks over at Spanish show El Hormiguero thought when they had on One DirectionEl Hormiguero is known for getting its guests to do some pretty odd things and make some quality faces, and One Direction was no exception.

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn participated in all sorts of silly games that I’ve never even heard of or seen before. I’m really entertained by Liam covered in all of that colorful powder though. So what other funny things did the boys get up to?

There was quite a lot of bizarre dancing going on. Clearly they hadn’t brought their choreographer with them. All in all, they looked to be having a great time and that’s what’s important. The more fun they have the more fun it is to watch them. Also, I love how confused the five of them are by everything that’s going on.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from One Direction’s trip to El Hormiguero. Trust me, it’s worth it just to see Niall spinning on a table.