One Direction Sends Some Love To Their Adoring Fans In Miami

One Direction Dolls!
Get your favourite member.
Oh One Direction, you are definitely lighting up the lives of these fans like nobody else.

Umm, yes, I did just make that joke. You’re welcome, world. The boys of One Direction were spotted in Miami yesterday (June 12) waving to their adoring fans after working on their latest music video.

Harry seems really into the waving, as do Liam and Niall. Zayn, however, seems far more interested in whatever it is he’s telling Louis. Probably something about how Harry should be sexy and shirtless like this, but he’s not. 

So, now that One Direction is back in the states does this mean they’re going to visit me in L.A. and take me up on that offer for tea? Guys, I could totally throw them a kick-ass tea party, complete with finger sandwiches and scones.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of One Direction being loving with their fans. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go get some finger sandwiches and scones.