One Direction Looks Adorable, Preps For ‘X-Factor’ Finale [PHOTOS]

One Direction On A Yacht
The boys show off some skin in Sydney!
Nothing makes me happier than when the One Direction boys come to Los Angeles and are spotted all around the city.

Last night we had Zayn, Liam and Louis getting tatted up, this morning we had Harry getting brunch with Taylor Swift and co. and tonight we’ve got all five of the boys getting ready to go live on The X-Factor.

This is exciting for two reasons: 1) because seeing all five of them together is always exciting and 2) we get to take a look at their brand new tattoos! Too bad Niall was missing from all the tattoo fun. Does he even have any?

It’s cool. He’s been labeled as “the baby face” anyway, so tattoos would ruin the image. Zayn on the other hand, Zayn is the bad boy. He is allowed to have a sleeve.

Also! Why isn’t T-Swift hanging out with the menfolk on the CBS lot? She’s basically been inseparable from Harry. She’ll probably turn up on the broadcast. Keep your eyes peeled!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the boys being cute backstage. Niall is all adorable with his guitar, Harry and Liam with their hugging, Louis with his beanie, Zayn with his tats. So much goodness.