One Direction Leaves America With Girlfriends, Babies & More In Tow

1D Loves The Fans
The lads of 1D sent love to their Miami fans.
Goodbye, One Direction. We’re gonna miss you over here in the states.

The super snazzy lads were spotted leaving New York City today after a whirlwind week of movies promotions and MTV Video Music Awards wins. Aww, no more 1D everyday. But you know what this means! They’re done promoting and the movie is coming out! Yay!

I love that Harry Styles has that huge entourage of security around him. I assume they’re there for all the boys, but just swarming Harry. Also, Liam Payne and a baby. Too perfect. Look how cute it is! 

Apparently the baby belongs to a friend of his, and it is a cutie. Liam, I appreciate your baby holding skills. And would you look at that, Louis brought his girlfriend Eleanor Calder along for the fun. They’re cute together. Although I wonder if Zaynwas sad he didn’t have his fiance with him.

And there’s Niall, just being Niall. The joy on his face is precious. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of One Direction leaving NYC. Are you excited for Friday, too? Let us know in the comments!