One Direction Hottie Liam Payne Is Shirtless & A Little Sleepy

Or that could be all the sun in his eyes, because LA is just so bright today!

Liam Payne was spotted on the balcony of a private residence in Los Angeles today showing off his perfectly toned upper body physique. See guys, it’s OK for me to stare at Liam because he’s almost 20. I feel much less creepy.

Liam and the lads of One Direction are in town to perform several sold out shows at the Staples Center. Also! Their movie, This Is Us, comes out this month. I won’t lie, I am super excited about this. 

I really hope the movie includes some Zayn in drag, because that was surprisingly attractive. And I can pretty much guarantee it will include shirtless 1D, because those 5 are really into being shirtless. Not that we mind at all.

Launch the gallery to check out all the shirtless photos of Liam. Think he’s tired or that it’s just the sun? I wouldn’t blame him for needing a nap. Do you see how hard these boys work? I get exhausted just looking at them.