One Direction Head Back To UK As Harry Styles Battles Homewrecker Accusations [PHOTOS]

One Direction On A Yacht
The boys show off some skin in Sydney!
DJ Lucy Horobin might be keeping quiet since her affair with One Direction star Harry Styles was exposed earlier this month, but before the fling came to light the 32 year-old talked openly about what would make her leave her husband, claiming she would only do it for her ‘fantasy’ man and had a reputation as being ‘kinky’.

The radio presenter was humiliated when it was revealed she had embarked on a three month fling with the then 17 year-old pop star last summer after meeting during a radio interview as One Direction promoted their first single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

Her husband has claimed that Harry was a “predator” who seduced his wife, but clearly his wife isn’t as innocent as he may have thought. During an interview in 2010, a year before she met Harry, Lucy made it clear she would leave her husband if she met someone she really fancied. 

Meanwhile, Harry soaked up rays at his hotel swimming pool, ensuring that fans were kept happy as he gave them a cheeky glimpse of the six-pack that has been sending girls across the globe crazy.

The band is seen here head back to the UK after wrapping up their US tour.