One Direction Dolls Are The One Thing That Will Sell Out This Christmas [PHOTOS]

One Direction hits LA
The boys of One Direction greet fans
One Direction in NYC
The boys' performance at Rockefeller Plaza.
With TV deals, a never-ending tour, and staggering numbers regarding album sales, the boys of One Direction are really taking advantage of their current wave of success.

The British band recently released the music video to their third single, “Live While We’re Young”  which has already wracked up over 20 million views in just 5 days. This was just days before Toys R Us unveiled their new line of One Direction dolls, which are expected to be a hit for the holiday season. How…coincidental.

The dolls, which have multiple outfits, depict the 5 boys in their signature preppy-yet-fashionable looks, shaggy hairstyles, and of course, smiling faces. With the seemingly uncappable selling power of the band, the dolls, starting at $19.99 will surely sell as fervently as their lastest album “Up All Night”, which did remarkably well in the US, debuting at number 1 on the Billboard charts. 

The boys’ sophomore album “Take Me Home” is set to be released November 12th. Judging by the hype from the dolls, and the first single off the album, it looks like this will be a very One Direction holiday season.

Check out the gallery to see the plastic versions on One Direction.