One Direction Causes End Of The World Pandemonium For Their Fans As They Appear On The Today Show [PHOTOS]

One Direction hits LA
The boys of One Direction greet fans
The fans of One Direction are mostly made up of teen-aged girls. And although that demographic doesn’t seem as hostile of a bunch as, say…bikers or escaped convicts, they can be just as cut-throat, and definitely more dedicated. For every public appearance that the 5 boys have, there are at least 30 fans there to get a glimpse of the singers and show their support. Don’t like One Direction? DON’T tell them. Don’t like them as much as they do? DON’T tell them. If you get in their way, or diss their band, they WILL destroy you.

Having said that, over 10,000 “Directioners” gathered outside of Radio City Music Hall, starting on Thursday (5 days before the event) to wait for the boys of One Direction to enter the venue to perform for The Today Show in New York City. Now, that’s dedication. With the temperatures dropping to near freezing last weekend, the campers must have huddled together in their tents and chanted the lyrics to “What Makes You Beautiful” to keep themselves warm.

Devotion isn’t a bad character trait to have, especially when it’s channeled towards your favorite band. However, when there are over 5,000 fans with devotion up to their ears packed onto the small sidewalks of Manhattan, it can pose a problem. The line of fans stretched over a fifth of a mile through mid town, heading close to central park, causing complaints by local business owners. The NYPD even got notified, because there were worries that the crowds would start causing traffic blockages to the already-packed area. To suppress the almost-riot, NBC executives dispatched wrist bands to the campers to hold their places in line, allowing them to clear the area.

The plan worked until the day before, when the campers reappeared to wait to see the boys arrive. Eventually, the motorcade pulled up and the band members, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Niall Horan stepped out to greet the fans that had been waiting at the barricade. Eventually, the people got into the arena and gleefully screeched the lyrics along with the band. All is well in the world of the Directioners.

Check out the gallery to see pictures of the boys of 1D performing on The Today Show, also known as “What All The Fuss Was About.”