One Direction Arrives At LAX, Chaos Ensues With The Fans & The Paparazzi

One Direction On A Yacht
The boys show off some skin in Sydney!
There’s no doubt that it’s crazy, crazy hard to be One Direction.

Everything you do is immediately written up all over the world and there are people constantly stealing their underwear. But things got really crazy for the band last night as they arrived at LAX.

While you always expect there to be fans and paparazzi waiting outside the airport, things got out of hand last night as the paparazzi started pushing the fans around and knocking into each other and the boys. 

One Direction fan, @gabriellem1995, even got hit the face by a paparazzo’s camera. You can imagine how much that hurt. Zayn Malik saw it happened and tried to promptly hit the paparazzo back in the face, before the guy moved and Zayn ended up slapping Gabrielle. Still, she had no hard feelings. As she wrote on Instagram, “This one time, Zayn Malik hit me in the face. It was awesome.”

And from the account the boys themselves had, it was definitely an issue of overly aggressive paparazzi shoving young girls around.

Come on paparazzi at LAX, why can’t you be like the paparazzi in Japan? They were perfectly nice with their photographs and the fans even got some love. Well, it could be worse. Don’t know how at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll think of something. Launch the gallery to see all the chaos for yourself. Someone get those boys a drink (but only Louis can have booze).