Once Again, No Foul Play Found In Princess Diana’s Death

Can we finally please put the conspiracy theories to rest? She was killed because her driver was driving way to fast while drunk. Simple as that. We know that Mohammed al Fayed grieves for his son, but it’s time to give up the theory that Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip were plotting to kill Diana by staging a car accident.

An official British inquiry into the 1997 death of Princess Diana in a high-speed car crash has found no evidence of foul play, a newspaper reported Monday.

The Daily Mail said the interim report, to be published in May by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, will dismiss conspiracy theories about the deaths of Diana, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their chauffeur, Henri Paul, in a Paris tunnel.

The two-year investigation by 10 detectives will say that even a skilled racing driver would have had difficulty controlling the Mercedes carrying Diana as it hurtled through the Pont d’Alma tunnel in Paris, the Daily Mail reported. The newspaper cited “French judicial sources” at one point in its story but did not identify them further.

An official French inquiry concluded that Paul was drunk when he left the Ritz hotel with the couple and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who was seriously injured in the crash.

France’s highest court dropped manslaughter charges in 2002 against nine photographers who pursued Diana’s car before it crashed or who took photos at the site.

A note to celebrities, when being pursued by the paparazzi in a potentially threatening manor, call the police.

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