‘Once Upon A Time’ Hottie Colin O’Donoghue Is The Sexiest Captain Hook You Ever Did See

'Once Upon A Time'
Jennifer Morrison on the Vancouver set.
So, before Once Upon A Time added Colin O’Donoghue’s Captain Hook to it’s line up of fairytale characters, I had never been attracted to Captain Hook.

OK, I mean sure, Jason Isaacs’ Captain Hook in the 2003 movie of Peter Pan, was hot, but nothing like Colin O’Donoghue hot. If you haven’t already jumped on the Hook bandwagon, then allow these photos of Colin in his full captain gear to change your mind.

Look at his smile. Look at the way his long jacket flows behind him as he walks. Look at the perfection. 

So, why isn’t Colin all over the place? Seriously, he falls in the same category with the men of Suits as actors that are just too hot for words and should be in way, way more things for me to stare at. Well, I guess for now I’ll have to be content staring at these photos. Although if I ever want something sexier, I can watch this on repeat.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Colin on the set of Once Upon A Time. So what’s your ideal Captain Hook scenario? Hook and Emma? Hook to jump out of the TV and be with you? I’m gonna go for the latter.