On The 8th Day, God Created Sofia Vergara

And men and women alike, thanked him.

Men need no convincing, because Sofia Vergara fills out a dress like its no one’s business.

It’s impossible to dislike her. If there’s any chance you do, listen to the accent of the only women “who has lived fifteen years in a country and the accent gets worse,” according to her son Manolo, 19. Her ability to laugh at herself makes her even more endearing.

In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, the Emmy Awards co-host answered questions from Twitter followers – yes, she’s a tweeter – and also proved that she’s a Godly creature doing “normal” things like bake cookies, water plants and pack… in lingerie and 5-inch platform stilettos.

A quick rundown of trivia so you can move on to the Esquire photo spread:

- The Modern Family accent is a mix of truth and over exaggeration

- She considered a breast reduction, but decided against it. She won’t get any major surgeries done, but may tweak her eyes someday.

- She hasn’t eaten meat in 15 years

- She was discovered on the beaches of Miami in a g-string

- She looks for a man who can dance and values the commitment American men have to their relationships (her words, not mine)

- Her son is named after a character in Scarface

I was hoping he was named after the shoe. After all, she’s hauling a Birkin leaving The Ivy the other day in LA.