On Set With Angelina Jolie

August 8th, 2005 // 43 Comments

This is the glamourous world of the movie set folks. Angelina Jolie is photographed on the set of her latest film The Good Shepherd which also stars Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon. Above she’s exiting her trailer, below she’s entering her trailer and leaving the movie set. Oooooh.

(Images Courtesy of INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Joe

    Yikes, she does look on the skinny side in that last shot. You can see her collarbone and sternum and that aint normal.

    I hope she’s just thin because she’s been so on the go and tired from the kids and the stress of brad, and not because she’s actually dieting.

    Just lookin at her makes me hungry.

    Time fo lunch!

    How fucking Great is it NOT to be a celebrity!!!

  2. Lisa

    I agree with you Joe, I am very happy that I am not a celebrity. Give me lots of money and obscurity!!!!!

  3. not skinny

    she looks a little like posh spice in the last photo without the weird nose.

  4. eek!

    What’s with the umbrella man? Wow…she took like, what, 2 weeks off after adopting a sick baby and now’s back making movies? What a dedicated mom!

  5. gigi

    Uggh…I am so tired of looking at actresses with their ‘so unsexy’ boney chests protruding out of their low cut tops!

  6. fallgirl29

    sweet jesus. look at her leg in that picture. omfg..please girl, you’re a mom now, eat for shits sake!!

  7. gia

    i am sorry, maybe there is something wrong with me, but i would LOVE to be that skinny. she is still so gorgeous & looks fantastic in clothes.

  8. Ingrid

    I think since she did Mr. and mrs smith she looked very thin, i dont know what brad pitt does to her but it’s an efective diet

  9. kelly

    Please remember she does have 2 kids now and does not have a nanny like most movie stars to take care them…in other words, shes doing it all on her own. This can definitely cause significant weight loss.

    Her face is still stunning….a lot better the VF cover thats for sure.

  10. WTF

    WTF Kelly? You’re either an idiot or 12 years old if you actually believe your post. “does it all herself”…right, Angie’s doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing AND making a movie AND have an affair with Brad.


  11. nicole

    if she is “doing it all herself” then where exactly are the kids while she is strolling to the set with her umbrella-holder? news flash: they are with the nanny.

  12. doofus

    yes, gia, there IS something wrong with you if that’s how you want your body to look.

    unless, of course, you’re a 12-year old boy.

  13. Joe

    Or if you’re a gay Brad Pitt.

    Seriously, they say gay closeted men love skinny skinny women, so they appear ya know, man-like.

    I have two gay husbands which is the only reason I say this. (I’m female)

    It’s gotta be her schedule. yes she has one nanny but only for when she’s on set. The owmen is a great mother, can’t take that from her.

    And why the hell is everyone suddenly on “Jen’s” side anyway? She’s not exactly stunning though her body is killer if not a bit thin, but she was off her entire marriage doing her thing and probably left him alone quite a bit himself.

    And please no boo-hooing, Brad made a quote before they ever got married about how Marriage does not have to be forever to be a success. Jen and Brad both knew that this was never a life-long thing.

    Can we PLEASE move on!!!!!!!

  14. eeek!

    Hey Joe, Are you a polygamist? You have two gay husbands? WTF is wrong with you?

    Like you know how many nannies Skangelina has. And a person doesn’t have to be “stunning” physically to have fans. I’m sick of hearing how gorgeous Skangelina is. She’s a skeletor with fake boobs, fat lips and pretty eyes.

  15. Really Now

    Angelina is hard to look at – I don’t give a rat’s ass about her personality. Her features are so exaggerated that she’s a biological freak and looks unhealthy thin. I thought that last pic (as someone mentioned) was Victoria Beckham too!

    And if anyone believes Angelina, Jen or Brad’s PR enough to actually defend any of them then you are a sucka.

  16. petergriffin

    i would rather look at this from behind

    then that fucking skeleton
    but, hey, thats just me…

  17. jamaica

    Well, Bobby pretty much dates black chicks, but Matt Damon’s girlfriend better watch out for this tramp.

  18. Macy Marie

    Wow, she’s a mite too thin now. Her legs are sticks. She’s way more sexy when she has actual curves, not protruding bones. :(

    See, she seemed a bit stronger than the normal anorexic Hollywood starlet to me. Guess being a super rich super famous star isn’t that easy, lol.

  19. I love it when she puts her hair up in the bun.

  20. hmmm

    ang has ALWAYS been this thin. she was in this clunker of a movie in the early nineties and she was the same size–slightly fleshier, but still uncommonly thin. and her boobs–they are real. she had them in that crap-ass early film and in ‘taking lives’ she gives a full frontal shot. fake boobs don’t sag; hers do.

  21. jennifer

    She’s amazing……

  22. Tracey Smith

    Look Angelina’s a beautiful woman any way you look at it. And I’m no fan of hers – quite the opposite.

    I’m still laughing at that stupid poster above who thinks Angelina doesn’t have nannies. Get real! The woman has ARMIES of nannies (most stars have day nannies and night nannies) plus housekeepers, cooks etc. I bet Angelina has never had to wake up in the middle of the night with either of them EVER.

    Because if she was she wouldn’t have the energy to f*ck Brad to keep him around like she obviously is.

    Now she’s back working 12-14 hour days. Yeah. This woman is really mother of the year. Her kid was in hospital only a few weeks ago.

    And you’re right Matt Damon’s girlfriend, Luciana Barrosso must be freaking. Angelina LOVES stealing men in relationships.

    Angelina’s evil character is starting to show on her face. But I’m actually surprised she’s not thinner given the press and tabloid frenzy around her right now – all of it self inflicted by stealing Brad and then choosing to adopt now when she should have waited another year.

    I hope she keeps right on losing weight.

  23. Ty

    Her face in the last one reminds me of Michael Jackson

  24. Oscar

    she’s still hot!

  25. oscar

    all of you are haters

  26. Mr.

    have u seen her in tomb raider? she is hot, and kicks ass

  27. Nikki

    Maybe she looks like that for the character shes playing in that film?
    I do think Angie is quite the beauty, though looking at her sickly self right now is kinda gross.
    When I think of her adopting her kids I do think she does have the best of intentions.
    But I will always prefer brad pitt and jenn as a pair, compared to her and Pitt.

  28. Julie

    Check out this new video – turn up the sound:


  29. poor angie

    she has been getting really, really thin. maybe she’s so busy with her kids she forgets to eat? I don’t know, but she looks really tired and fed up in the picture where you can see her whole leg, which is too skinny. i am starting to feel sorry for her, she used to look sexy!

  30. Miri

    I hate Jennifer Aniston. She used Brad. Glad he got rid of her. Can’t stand the girl.

    Brad and Angie forever!

  31. Wally

    It’s both pathetic AND entertaining to see Brad blindly joining Angelina’s freak show of a life.

    Watching Angelina with her adopted third world kids is like watching a freak show at a circus.

    And now a new exhibit has joined the circus – a bleached adulterer – Brad Pitt.

    Line up folks to see the show. And what’s even better – you don’t need to pay an admission fee!

    Hopefully there will be new exhibits in this freaky human zoo soon when Angelina goes on another third world baby buying frenzy.

  32. eek!

    It’s called bad karma, Ange, and you have it in spades.

  33. Angelina is WAY too skinny lately – and she wasn’t ever this skinny before, that’s bull. It makes her features look overblown and weird, she needs to gain at least 10 pounds and flesh herself out a bit. She’s beautiful but not this skinny. She’s starting to look sickly.

  34. JBActor

    AJ is the most amzing creature on earth. She is amazing and does great things and people that dont have anything great going on for them bring celebs down. Small lives.

  35. Athena

    “Watching Angelina with her adopted third world kids is like watching a freak show at a circus.”

    Did you get a computer hook-up in that trailerpark you live in Wally? With good ole redneck prejudicial views like yours you must be a hit in the park! WeeHaw!

  36. Wally

    I reckon this is what happened:

    Guy in a marriage. 7 year itch approaching. Angelina there flirting with him like nobody’s business. She doesn’t think he will leave his wife. But he is besotted and hooked and does. They probably had that “If I wasn’t married would you be interested conversation”. She says yes.

    Brad dumps Jennifer like yesterday’s rubbish. Then gets into Angelina’s pants at the earliest opportunity and can’t even wait a respectable time to do it.

    Angelina goes out with him because what other guy but a major male star could handle being with her? Plus all her weird third world adopted kids? Let’s face it – most guys wouldn’t be interested beyond f*cking her for a while.

    Brad quickly changes everything about himself to become MORE what she wanted. Folks look who changed – it wasn’t Angelina it was BRAD!

    He wanted her. He got her. Angelina figures – I want a relationship, for her that’s hard to find. I’ll go out with him. They get caught up in their lies to the press. They sneak off for a dirty weekend in Africa and get caught.

    I think it is serious – for as long as she wants it to be.

    And I have been thinking about the third world adopted kids. Angelina’s other relationships have never lasted. I’m not sure if she will allow Brad to legally adopt those kids because if he did she would be vulnerable to a custody battle if they separate. Especially if she starts doing heroin again or cutting in front of the kids.

    I think Brad will want marriage and soon but he also has said in the past that he wants children “little Jen’s”. He never talked about any of this adoption bullsh*t. Angelina has said in the past she doesn’t want biological children. But I think she knows that to hold onto Brad she will have to produce a genetic heir. Maybe she will do it?

    Either way following them is like watching a freaky weird circus. The crazy cutter, the 2 third world kids pimped out to the press, the bleached blonde lying adulterer who f*cked over his ex-wife. It just keeps on getting more interesting by the minute.

    I wonder what will happen next. How about one of these:

    1) They get married one week after his divorce comes through
    2) She gets pregnant
    3) She dumps him and he’s left looking like a complete moron
    4) They both die in a plane crash with Angelina as the pilot

    I just want to press fast forward to see what these crazy freaks do next.

  37. nunya

    Queen Orangutan goes off to douche the jungle cooch.

  38. steph

    ugh stop bashing skinny people,just cause north americans new trend is to be obese and ‘healthy’,omfg.and if you didnt know angelina is naturally small boned,SKINNY,everyone only knows her from tomb raider,she had to eat alot to get those curves.leave her alone,shes hot.

  39. Jasmine

    Those “curves” you talk about are called BREAST IMPLANTS.

    I bet Brad’s on them right now.

  40. Mj

    wow, why does it seem as though most people are surprised at this?? For any fans out there, perhaps you know of the various tatoos on Jolie’s body. Of course, the one i would like to point out is a large cross and latin on her lower abdomen, reading “Quad me nutriut, me destruit” (sp? never took latin). but that’s beside the point. if anyone DOES know latin, you’d realize that the saying translates to “what nourishes me, destroys me”. this is an extremely popular “anorexic phrase” for lack of better words. Jolie (i’m not sure if she’s publicly said it or not) has most likely ALWAYS had problems with thinness/weight/etc etc… one thing most people fail to notice is her always very skinny wrists/bony hands, a good indication. in my opinion, this is just her at a particularly low weight; if people look at her awards pictures for winning, i believe a golden globe a few years back, she looks still skinnier there (if possible). here’s a link for it: http://www.kabel1.de/php-bin/scripts/cgalerie/cgalerie.php?gal=k1_stars_de_angelina-jolie&bild=17&skin=320
    or simply google “angelina jolie golden globe”. the evidence is all there people.

  41. me

    u all are idiots!

  42. Dirado

    Brad and Angelina are annoying. Their style is becoming more pathetic every minute. She advertises those kids whenever she can. He is getting noticably older but tries to hide it with hip wardrobe – it looks awful. She definitely has a problem called anorexia. To both of them – get lost; we dont want to watch you anymore!!!

    On with the next…..

    P.S. I agree with Wally – u d man!

  43. model

    all who said, that you hate how skinny she is, you are jealous…
    because you probably are fat and don`t have willpower to lose weight. keep on eating at McDonalds and pecking sweets in front of the TV. fatted pigs

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