On Megan Fox & Mike Tyson Island, You Better Know English [VIDEO]

Two young men are washed ashore on picturesque island, only to come face to face with multiple incarnations of Megan Fox. Not so fast. What if an army of Megan Fox morphed into an army of Mike Tyson clones?

Fox and Tyson are shilling for CCAA here, which happens to be a Brazilian language school. Here’s a little more info via CCAA’s YouTube description, which somehow involves Bruce Willis:

See what happens to the two boys who could not get along with Bruce Willis. They now fall on an island with two new stars in Hollywood who only speak English.

Then do the test and find out where you will stop at www.facebook.com/canalccaa. If you do well in either English or Spanish, Megan Fox Island. If you stumble, Mike Tyson Island.

Click the photo aboveve to watch the commercial.