OMG! ‘The Face’: Wedding Dresses And Stairs, Oh My!

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Last Week On 'The Face'
Naomi Campbell
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We lost two models this week on The Face! No, they didn’t wander off the runway never to be seen again. One was eliminated and the other (a very sad Marlee) left the competition due to the financial hardships that her family was going through.

The competition started off with Karolina Kurkova demonstrating how to do a quick change offstage. She nailed it in 41 seconds.

The models had varying degrees of success in challenge. Poor Sandra had a nip slip. Devon looked to be the winner, but ultimately Margeaux beat her by two seconds, and Devon was pissed. She even called Margeaux out for what she thought was slightly cheating.

The ultimate team challenge was a bridal fashion show extravaganza in which the girls had to walk down a huge staircase, down a runway and then back up the staircase. 

Poor Sandra, from team Naomi, was so freaked out by the challenge that she started crying during practice. Naomi wasn’t having any of it and told Sandra to chill.

Stephanie, from team Coco, who was in the bottom for the last two weeks, shined during the challenge, despite pulling some Ramona Singer looks during the first run-through.

Margeaux fell while going up the stairs and Madeline looked lifeless on the runway and struggled with her dress while walking up the stairs. It wasn’t looking good for team Coco.

Team Naomi won challenge (Zi Lin nailed it) and Madeline and Ebony from team Karolina were voted in the bottom two.

At elimination the girls gave their own sob stories of how hard their lives had been, and Naomi wasn’t having any of that. Basically, she said you’re hear to model not win a pity party.

Ultimately, Madeline went home, meaning that Team Coco is only left with two models, since Marlee left the competition too.

Next week it looks like, surprise, Naomi is pissed off again!

By Michael Prieve

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