OMG! ‘RHOBH’ – Stand Up For Each Other, You Bitches

Maloof & Stewart
How the HELL did this happen?
'Vanderpump Rules'
It's all about sex with these kids.
Another episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, another friggin’ white party.

First of all, let me just stress how disappointed I am in Adrienne Maloof.  I went from affectionately calling her “Mama Maloof” to being absolutely disgusted with her in a matter of seasons.

You do this to me every time, Bravo.  Whenever I find myself smitten with a character, you find a way to stain it like Maloof does with her black market self-tanner.

After reading some cast blogs on, last night’s episode makes more sense.  First off, Kyle Richards is a drama queen.  According to Taylor Armstrong’s blog, Kennedy was supposed to spend the weekend with her grandparents in Orange County.

However, since the Armstrongs and Umanskys are so close, Kyle suggested to the nanny that Kennedy come to Kim Richards’ weird nose party.  This wasn’t communicated to Armstrong, who had spent the afternoon in meetings, then toasting her good fortune with the man who is now her boyfriend. 

“Let’s talk reality,” Armstrong wrote.  “I’m so tired of friends not standing up and supporting one another when they know the truth. This week’s episode makes it look like I wasn’t keeping track of my precious Kennedy. Nothing could be further from the truth. And Kyle knows it.

“I take my responsibility for Kennedy more seriously than anything. Kyle knows this well, and I am hurt she didn’t communicate this and the facts of the evening when the girls were discussing it at the table at Kim’s.”

Yes, there is an obvious problem with substance abuse, but for these women to sit around and talk about Armstrong like she’s a mere acquaintance who is offish off her rocker isn’t right.

Brandi Glanville, who wasn’t present at the party, jumped to Armstrong’s defense.

“I don’t think the women were very fair to Taylor in this episode. Yes, Taylor is a mess drinking too much and in need of serious support. Taylor has been through a lot and is clearly and emotional roller coaster and making rash decisions. When a anyone goes through a hard time in life (divorce, deaths, etc.), it’s their friends and family they should be able to lean on and count on for support.”

How many times is Maloof going to give it to Kim for not choosing Dr. Paul Nassif as her plastic surgeon?  Shut up.

I’m over these broads.