OMG! A Sleepy Newborn Puppy. Too Cute! [VIDEO]

February 11th, 2013 // 1 Comment
A Sleepy Newborn Puppy
The Cutest Puppy Yawn That You’ll See Today

That little yawn is so fricking adorable!

Plus, who says cats and chicks can’t get along, a labrador helps out a pug, a cat chillin’ out watching a hockey game and a cat and a pug know how to relax. 

Let’s Cuddle

The Snow Is Just Too Deep!


Just Chillin’

The Pugs Eat
Pugs In Clothing
Eating treats on command? Not that is a trick! Watch »
Jean-Claude Swings
Jean-Claude The French Bulldog On A Swing
A French Bulldog hits the swings! Watch »
A Puppy vs Giggle Ball
Puppy Giggle Ball
Someone isn't giggling. Watch »
By Michael Prieve
  1. Nadest

    so very cute :)

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