OMFG: Skyler Berman Goes Up, Up And Away! [PHOTOS]

Skyler Berman
Rachel Zoe and family took the tot out for lunch.
Skyler Berman is such a fascinating little individual.  He’s completely oblivious to what mom Rachel Zoe dresses him in, his hair always looks blown out (today we’re seeing a bit of a fringe).  And yet, he keeps smiling.

Today (December 18th) mom took Berman to Kitson on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, and the little guy went to town with all sorts of whozits and whatsits inside the boutique.  At one point he left the store with a rolling suitcase.

Where to, dear boy?  St. Barts?  The ‘rents love it down there this time of year. 

Huffington Post recently revealed that Zoe’s clothing line was dropped by Saks Fifth Avenue, and a spokesperson confirmed that her threads are no longer sold on their online store.

Selfridges, according to the Daily Mail, did the same thing a few months back.

Quite frankly, I think the threads are a little overpriced.