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It’s fun to see her squirm isn’t it. After last nights episode it’s going to be tough for her finding a real job.

Omarosa answered and Diane told her that the driver went to pick up Jessica Simpson’s band at the airport, but they weren’t there. Kwame got on the phone and Diane told him that she tried to get in touch with Omarosa so that Omarosa could confirm the travel information to avoid an issue like this one. Omarosa jumped back on the phone and said that she was confused by this misunderstanding. Diane told Omarosa that she needed to track down the correct travel information and arrange for Jessica Simpson’s band to be picked up. Kwame pressed Omarosa for what happened. He asked Omarosa if the call she had received the night before at dinner was about this issue. Omarosa said no. She said that Diane hadn’t called her at dinner – when in fact, Diane had! Omarosa claimed that Diane’s office had simply called with a message from Diane, but that Diane had already left for the day – again not true! Kwame called back and apologized to Diane for the problem. But in an interview, Kwame had harsher words. He said that when he assigns someone a task, he expects them to follow through. He also said that he would normally fire someone who he thought was not competent, but that he just didn’t have that luxury right now.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Michele

    Hello Miu,

    I found your blog about one week ago, and I’ve been visiting it every day since. I think I’m “starved” for social contact with women who are like minded.

    I currently live just outside of Washington, DC, with my husband of five years. I miss Manhattan desperately. I’m still searching for “the real me.”

    Just wanted to let you know, I am enjoying your blog.


    PS I tried sending this to E-mail address first………..

  2. Angie

    Omarosa needs to get that stick out of her ass before she takes one step further. She tries to help her image after she gets voted off, but the bitch is back now.

  3. Paris

    Honestly, I think Omarosa needs a good slap in the face. She is never going to get a real job now, and it seems to me that she is trying to stay a “celebrity” by using that whole n-word thing. She is so desperate!

  4. I think Omarosa is confused. she thinks she is on another reality show, “The Mole”. And poor Jessica Simpson must be also be dumbfounded, she thought her show was on MTV.

  5. Susan Berry

    I know a lot of strong, black women. I also work for one. I have tremendous respect for her, not because she is black but because she is intelligent, honest, hardworking, competent, organized, etc., etc., etc.
    By the way, I am a white woman. I work hard, I am honest with her, and when I am assigned a job to do – it gets done without her having to double-check and question everything I do. She trusts me to do my job and I trust her to do hers as my employer.
    Unfortunately, Omarosa projects a distorted picture of a “strong black woman.” She demonstrated arrogance, self-indulgent behavior, disrespect for her co-workers and her boss by not fulfilling her duties, and a lack of ethics and moral character with her lies and deflecting responsibility in order to cover her lack of ability to follow through and take care of business.
    I thought she was thoroughly unlikable. But then, I didn’t care for Erika either. She was abrasive, pushy, and lacked diplomacy, patience, and class.
    I sincerely hope that young women don’t think that the characteristics demonstrated by these two are admirable. Neither are women I would want to work for or with.
    Social and business skills, such as taking ownership of what you do and are responsible for, teamwork, commitment, respect for those you work with and deal with, etc. are critical regardless of what sex, age, color, or religion you may happen to be.
    Save me from the prima donnas.

  6. omarosa is a goddess

    Omarosa is a goddess. She wasnt a contestant on that show she WAS that show. She made it a million times more interesting to watch and shes beautiful and intelligent. Dont hate her because you cant be her.

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