New Reality Star Ryan Lochte Gives A Goofy Grin At LAX [PHOTOS]

Ryan's Shirtless Fashion
Lochte Visits The Set Of 'Fashion Police' & Takes It All Off
28-year-old Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, as proven by the promo for his latest career venture, but the man sure does love the ladies. Recently, he admitted his admiration for Kim Kardashian and wants to follow her lead. Lochte has even trademarked his famous catchphrase, “Jeah” and plans on using it copiously throughout his reality television series on E! network.

According to Swim Swam, after the show airs on April 21st Lochte is relocating to California in August for swim training and to be closer to the entertainment industry. Seen here, Ryan Lochte smiles wide at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles on April 17th. Ryan is looking fly in his black leather jacket, black jeans, and a tan colored v-neck tee. This goofy bastard may be somewhat of an airhead, but dude sure does have a killer smile and body.