Olympic Diver Tom Daley Is Back At College [PHOTOS]

Tom Daley In Sync
Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield at the Olympics.
Tom Daley In A Speedo
British diver Tom Daley and his teeny Speedo.
It is back to school for bronze medal Olympic diver Tom Daley and his classmates.

Daley posed with Olympic swimmer and gold medallist Ruta Meilutyte, Olympic swimmer Jade Howard, Olympic swimmer Jamila Lunkuse for a photograph on the first day back at college after the London 2012 Olympic Games on September 19, 2012 in Plymouth, England.

All four athletes are pupils at Plymouth College and are to be given a heroes return today during a celebratory parade through the city.


So what is Tom Daley hoping on doing for a career once he retires from diving (that’s not happening anytime soon)? 

“At the moment I am studying, but I’d like to become a TV presenter or get film work,” he said.

“I’d love to do anything like that. I would love to try anything new really, be it star in a film or playing a small little part in something like that, that would be pretty cool.”

What do you think of Tom Daley’s career aspirations?