Olympian Evan Lysacek May Join DWTS. Maybe.

Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek can’t say NO to jazzy get-ups.  MSNBC reports that Lysacek expressed interest in being part of Dancing With The Stars after Cheryl Burke tweeted that he should become part of the cast.

“‘I would love to try Dancing With the Stars,’ he told EW in an email
Tuesday. ‘I was a proud audience member (and cheerleader) as my friends Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Ohno danced their way to the mirrorball
trophy. All I have heard from everyone that has done the show is what a
blast it is. That could be a good way for me to do something extremely
challenging, but also fun to celebrate my Olympic win.”

Here, Here.  The cast of the upcoming season, which kicks off March 22nd, will be announced during next week’s finale of The Bachelor (pleasedontpickVienna).  Tomorrow Lysacek will decide whether or not he wants to represent the U.S. at next month’s World Figure Skating Championship in Torino, Italy.  The tour starts April 1 and ends May 30th, which won’t leave much time for murder on the dance floor.  What will Lysacek decide? You’ll have to suffer through The Bachelor to find out (or just go online the next day).

Hold on a hot second.  Please check out these pictures of Evan making his way through the Vancouver airport yesterday.  Holy Hipster.