Barista Tries To Fatten Up Olsen Twins

May 22nd, 2008 // 3 Comments

Some rumors circulated that the New York Starbucks frequented by the Olsen twins was doing its part to help the waif-like women get some meat on their bones. OK! magazine reported that even though that Mary-Kate and Ashley would order fat-free drinks, however “the barista thought the Olsens were too thin, so whenever they ordered their usual drink, he would replace the skim milk with full-fat.”

However, a rep for the twins laughed off the suggestion, claiming the tale was “ridiculous.” I think the word the rep is looking for would be “ingenious.” Seriously, if it is true, that barista is probably the only reason these girls are still alive. If I worked there, I’d be throwing in melted sticks of butter.

Photos: Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    The main picture is absolutely hilarious! I keep hearing the theme song from the Muppet Show…

  2. Minnie

    ARen’t those glasses a little last year….CHannel 2007 – come on!
    maybe they should try these (i just got them)

  3. Shelly

    I would have spiked their drinks with heavy
    cream forget the whole milk!

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