Olivier Martinez Meets Halle Berry’s Momma

Oh snap! Things are heatin’ up REAL quick between new couple Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, pictured returning from some grocery shopping on Saturday. 
According to People Magazine, the couple had a very eventful Thursday after being apart for almost a week. Halle and Olivier, who co-star in the upcoming movie Dark Tide, started the day off with a trip to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Olivier appeared to have a bandaged arm. They ended the evening with a trip to French art gallery Marcelita L’Art et Le Thé in West Hollywood. But in between, Halle introduced Olivier to her mom, Judith! That’s a pretty big step!
Judith must be so proud. She has an Oscar-winning daughter, who procreated with a super model, is currently dating a sexy French actor, and just launched a new perfume. Could things get any better?