Olivier Martinez Has His Beating Hand Examined As Gabriel Aubry Stays 100 Yards Away [PHOTOS]

The turmoil amongst Halle Berry’s male suitors, past and present, is getting uglier by the day.

Just a day it’s been since the news broke of a fist fight between Olivier Martinez, Berry’s current man, and Gabriel Aubry, Berry’s Ex and baby daddy, at Berry’s Los Angeles home. The brawl came less than 2 weeks after a bitter custody battle between the 3 over Aubry and Berry’s daughter. Immediately following the news, it turns out that the fight could prove a lot more detrimental for the future of Aubry than was originally imagined. 

The Canadian model, who is living in America on a work visa, got arrested after the altercation, which could be a direct violation of his Visa regulations. Not only has Aubry already suffered from brutal face wounds, and a broken rib, but a judge also recently denied Aubry’s request to have his temporary restraining order relinquished. Meaning that Aubry still is required to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and his 4 year old daughter, Nahla until Thursday. If the order is to be extended, Berry and Martinez must attend court on Thursday to request it. All of this, plus Aubry could get deported? Poor guy can’t get a break, huh?

With all of the heat coming down on Aubry, one must wonder what’s happening to Martinez, right? Well the French actor’s ears must be burning because he has been seen out and about quite often in the last few days. Today, in fact, the actor was seen leaving Cedars Sinai with a hand brace, after a doctors visit. His face seems perfectly intact, so I guess we can see who won the fight between Aubry’s face and Martinez’s hand!

The courts will soon decide the fate of Aubry and Martinez, in terms of fault and charges. So we’ll keep you posted on the details!

Meanwhile, take a look at Olivier Martinez enjoying his time in the spotlight after clearly winning in a fight. He’s wearing the hand brace as a trophy, if you ask me.