Olivia Munn’s Interesting Night Out

I would have thought that Olivia Munn’s wild Super Bowl adventures would come from the Maxim Party at The Raleigh on Saturday (Munn was one of the mag’s top 100 hottest and a cover girl), but what kind of fun can you really have when the press cameras are allowed in? While Munn joined Amanda Bynes, Kristin Cavallari, Kevin Connolly and many others in signing a Volkswagen and posing on a fake Patron boat at the Maxim party, Munn’s after party made a few girls in slutty outfits look like Disneyland.

After a long day of Celebrity Beach Bowl with Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lopez and Marisa Miller, The G4 hostess changed into a strapless dress for the Maxim party and then out on the town to take in some Miami night life (looks like she left Chris Pine at home.)

What she found was a strip club on “the outskirts of Miami” complete with a pocket size porn performer.  Like the good host that she is, she whipped out her phone to Tweet us  the good times.

“The place looks like a circus with different acts competing for the audiences attention.  I can’t imagine what all those other people are looking at compared to the most toned tiny ass I’ve ever seen doing an upside down, one arm, split. I can’t look away as…even though I really really want to… ”