Olivia Munn Gets Animated For ‘Complex’

Olivia Munn gets her second Complex Cover for their 8th anniversary and this time she’s not only a G4 host, but promoting her appearances in Iron Man 2 and Date Night. Munn strips down to leotards, two pieces and heels as Marvel cartoonists depict her with….fuzzy woodland creatures and a unicorn? I kind of like the one where birds go crazy on her hair, but even in the hot one where she’s topless with an apple the snake looks too damn friendly. She’s in Iron Man 2, where’s the badass cartoonage?

She tells the magazine that she actually just reshot all of her scenes for the Iron Man sequel after they realized the movie was a lot darker than they intended. Jon Favreau and Marvel added another character “from the Marvel universe” to give her a lighthearted and funny role. Had they simply cut out her scenes Munn admitted she would have cried and “My Chinese mother would have gone absolutely ballistic. She would’ve thrown shoes. Curling irons. She would’ve been physically looking for Jon Favreau.”

Of Date Night she said the director wanted her to read for a role she was sure she wouldn’t get, and was happy to be in the movie in another role. We’re looking forward to seeing her working with Steve Carell and Tina Fey, not that she isn’t doing great things wit that boa constrictor.

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