Olivia Wilde Wants To Be A Teen Boy

Olivia Wilde is always playing bad ass roles. She’s unafraid of getting down and dirty with the boys. She recently depicted the fearless Ella Swenson in Jon Favreau’s sci-fi thriller Cowboys & Aliens. Even though this film was a flop, Olivia Wilde looked smookin’ and did a good job! At the Cowboys and Aliens press conference in London she spoke alongside Harrison Ford. Telling the press of her desire to do western films, which she referred to as the dead genre.

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The 27-year-old Hollywood actress recently told Germany’s In magazine that she wants to be a teen boy for the day. “With my brother Charlie, he is 18-years-old and really brilliant. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t be like him? And honestly: Who doesn’t want to be an 18-year-old boy?” gushed Wilde. I know the guys are relieved that you would be a boy just for a day.

“But I always looked for risks. For example we always spent our summer in Ireland. There was a long pier and I’d jump into the water at night hoping I wouldn’t hit the rocks,” she explained.

This risk taker is moving on to her next venture with Glamour magazine! She’s participating in the return of Glamour Reel Moments, a successful short film series. The films originate from Glamour Magazine readers real stories. Hollywood’s leading ladies will be directing for the first time. The films are currently being shot in Los Angeles and will premiere in October. Zoe Saldana and Eva Longoria will also be directing and acting in the series!