Olivia Wilde Spotted Without Makeup & With Ryan Reynolds

You’re pretty….No, YOU’RE pretty…No, you are…Ok, you’re right, I am.

I can only imagine this is the extent of Olivia Wilde’s conversation with fellow sexpot, Ryan Reynolds while they hung out at  Jeff Bridges’ concert Tuesday night at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. Not that the pair haven’t been photographed in public already, but this is a definite romantic upgrade from Olivia’s recent bedroom patrons.

Photos: Olivia Wilde Gets Leid

Even though she oozes sex from her microscopic pores, I’m sadly underwhelmed by her choice of ensemble for a back-of-the-venue encounter with Mr. Reynolds. Helllerrr. Men and women alike want a piece of that ***. Let’s step it up, so there’s a next time Liv. He’s totes worth it.