Olivia Wilde Rides The Subway Like Normal People, Wants To Wed Jason Sudeikis In NYC [PHOTOS]

Olivia Loves Her Dog
Laid Back Wilde Takes Her Best Friend For A Walk
Doesn’t it make you happy when big fancy celebrities do normal things like everyday folks?

Today in that series we offer you Olivia Wilde looking awesome as she rides the subway in the New York City. The gorgeous actress was spotted hopping on the subway with a friend earlier today as they headed off on some adventures. I mean, we’re assuming Olivia only has adventures.

You know what adventure Olivia should be prepping for? Marriage! She recently announced her engagement to funny man Jason Sudeikis, but the two have yet to set a date. Olivia does know one thing about her impending nuptials. 

She wants them to happen in New York! Olivia told reporters that a “New York wedding would be ideal,” so now we’ve just gotta find a perfect time for it to happen. I’m thinking she should go with spring. And that she should wear this coat. Sure it’s red, but look at it!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Olivia riding the subway. Have any of you New Yorkers had any really good celebrity subway sightings? Let us know in the comments!